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The NIJ Project in Forensic Anthropology

Supported by a grant awarded by the National Institute of Justice, US. Department of Justice

This project will bring together some of the most prominent forensic science researchers and practitioners in the field of Forensic Anthropology for a series of focused, retreat-style workshops. The workshops will feature formal lectures, panel discussions, and breakout sessions, culminating in collectively prepared white papers that will explore the state of the field and make recommendations for the future. Participants will also have online access to post-workshop materials.

This project aims to explore scientific advances in the biology, biochemistry and anthropology of human remains with four main goals:

  • Discuss the impact of current developments in the field
  • Validate and quantify scientific standards
  • Identify general issues and critical topical needs
  • Explore opportunities and future directions

  Please click here for descriptions of upcoming events and to apply for full funding to participate.

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